Episode 140: A Conversation With Corinna Falusi

Corinna Falusi, Chief Creative Officer of Mother New York, sits down with John to discuss international differences in advertising, how fast-moving trends keep you creative, and how diversity in the workplace directly correlates to a diversity of good ideas.

Episode 139: A Conversation With Richard Garriott

Explore what it means to be an adventurer with Richard Garriott, gaming industry pioneer, astronaut and deep-sea explorer.  He joins John to talk getting trapped under the Titanic, what it means to be an astronaut and how fear can be the ultimate motivator for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Episode 138: A Conversation With Debbie Millman

How does imagery help document our reality? Join John and Debbie Millman, renowned graphic designer and podcast host of Design Matters as they talk all things design, the courage needed in collaboration and how creativity is fueled by failure and uncertainty. From the cave walls of Lascaux to the billboards of our commute, hear how powerful design can create movements, share ideas and change the world.

Episode 137: A Conversation With Rob Spillman

Can great writing be taught? John Immesoete and Tin House literary magazine editor and co-founder, Rob Spillman talk about the mechanics of writing, the importance of cultural inspiration and how rejection is inevitable but important.

Episode 136: A Conversation With Maureen McGuire

Independent consultant and former CMO Maureen McGuire joins John Immesoete in NYC to talk about the art of management, creating compelling campaigns and how diversity in cultures, backgrounds and experiences can build a great company.

Episode 135: A Conversation With Duncan Mitchell

In the digital age, content is king. How do you create content that people will not only embrace, but share? CEO and co-founder of someecards.com, Duncan Mitchell, sits down with John Immesoete to explain how a passion project based on funny, insightful content turned into a multi-million-dollar business.  Watch as they discuss how business discipline and the packaging of your own talents can help turn passion projects into something much more impactful. 

Episode 134: A Conversation With Kash Sree

From Nike to Vaseline, gyro GCD Kash Sree has tapped into human experiences to create compelling creative storytelling for big brands. Join John and Kash as they talk dedication to the craft and fearless creativity. 

Episode 133: A Conversation With Jason Harris

Join John in NYC as he sits down with Jason Harris, CEO and founder of Mekanism. They talk entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability and the profound impact social media has on marketing and the world at large.  

Episode 132: A Conversation With Toygun Yilmazer

John sits down with Toygun Yilmazer, Chief Strategy Officer of TBWA\Istanbul, to talk the value of data insights on consumer behavior, working at the speed of culture and using advertising for the greater good. 

Episode 131: A Conversation With Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman, Founder and CEO of REFRAME: The Brand™, joins John to talk management consulting, what Jeffrey calls the new majority opportunity, and why he thinks marketers should re-evaluate the standard agency model.

Episode 130: A Conversation With Corey Maynard

As VP of Marketing for YETI Coolers, Corey Maynard is passionate about connecting his products with the people who love them. John Immesoete sits down with Corey and talks authenticity, the importance of creating a compelling narrative, and what happens when personal passions and work intersect.

Episode 129: A Conversation With Madonna Badger

Creating purpose-driven work that ends the objectification of women in advertising is Madonna Badger’s pursuit. Watch as the CCO of Badger & Winters joins John to discuss personal growth through tragedy and why and how we should raise the standards for how brands relate to women.

Episode 128: A Conversation With Jeff Marcoux

Is data the new oil? Microsoft CMO Lead, Jeff Marcoux sits down with John to discuss the future of data-driven marketing and how data and creativity work together to create better consumer experiences.

Episode 127: A Conversation With Ted Bell

Advertising legend and New York Times Bestselling author Ted Bell sits down with John to discuss the importance of fostering fresh ideas, perseverance in the face of failure and being brave enough to take creative risks.

Episode 126: A Conversation With Lisen Stromberg

COO of the 3% Conference and author of Work Pause Thrive Lisen Stromberg joins John to discuss women in leadership, the future of the work/life balance and the importance of diversity in pursuit of better business solutions.

Episode 125: A Conversation With Josh Dean

John Immesoete and Josh Dean, CMO of Tommy John strip down to branding basics. Watch and discover the importance of being an authentic, provocative and engaging brand identity in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.

Episode 124: A Conversation With Shabnam Mogharabi

Shabnam Mogharabi is CEO of SoulPancake, a digital entertainment and media company founded by actor Rainn Wilson. With 9 million fans and 350 million video views, she knows a thing or two about how and why videos go viral. She joins John at #sxsw to discuss the evolution of online content and how telling stories can impact the hearts and minds of people. Plus, why your brand’s story matters more now than ever. 

Episode 123: A Conversation With Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy

“Fearless Girl” became famous the day she arrived at Wall Street. John joins Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy, Co-CCOs at McCann NY to hear how she almost didn’t happen.

Episode 122: A Conversation With Paul O'Brien

Paul O’Brien is an entrepreneur, startup consultant and founder of MediaTech Ventures. Why he says the future is now – and how his secrets could be the key to getting your next big idea funded. Whether it’s VC, sponsorship or grant, Paul breaks down the startup ecosystem as it relates to media and technology. Plus, John and Paul discuss the ever-changing role of today’s CMO, and why data should be at the top of every marketer’s mind. Filmed in Austin at #sxsw 2017.

Episode 121: A Conversation With Robert Whitman

Photographer Robert Whitman has always had a passion for reinvention. Don't miss John's chat with Robert as they cover everything from shooting Prince to the evolution of photography in advertising and the freedom inherent in pursuing creativity. 

Episode 120: A Conversation With Lee Nadler

Lee Nadler knows cars. Which makes sense since he’s the Marketing Communications and Launch Manager for MINI. John’s visit with Lee covers the ins and outs of marketing for such an iconic brand. Plus how thinking like a sherpa can help you in life, career and even marketing.

Episode 119: A Conversation With Monique Nelson

John Immesoete visits with Monique Nelson, CEO of multicultural ad agency, UniWorld Group. With clients like Ford, The Home Depot and the U.S. Marines, her experience as a leader in advertising (not to mention a well-traveled equestrian) is sure to illuminate. 

Episode 118: A Conversation With Jon Reinish

When it comes to politics, Jon Reinish, SVP at SKDKnickerbocker, has seen it all. Jon has spent his career working on political campaigns ranging from education to healthcare reform to marriage equality. He’s advised Fortune 50 corporations and was named by City & State as one of New York’s 40 Under 40 political stars in 2011.

Episode 117: A Conversation With Heidi Schoeneck

Heidi Schoeneck is the EVP and Executive Creative Director of Geometry Global where she leads the Unilever Shopper Team. She’s also a mother, wife and noted blogger of “Surviving Marketing in Heels: A Woman’s Perspective on Kicking Ass in a Madmen World.”

Episode 116: A Conversation With Ira Antelis

You've probably heard Ira Antelis' work in over 30 years of writing and producing music for commercials, records and movies with artists like Patti LaBelle, Christina Aguilera and Cheap Trick. Don't miss his fascinating insights on the music and commercial business when he joins John Immesoete on this episode of Conversations With Giants.

Episode 115: A Conversation With Sally Lou Loveman

She’s welcomed over half a million people to The Oprah Winfrey Show and continues to connect with audiences as the founder of lovespeaks. In this episode, Sally Lou Loveman sits down with John Immesoete to discuss her secret to connecting with audiences and what makes a great presenter.

Episode 114: A Conversation With Dave Pasquesi

You’ve probably seen comedian and actor Dave Pasquesi on screen in Groundhog Day, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Angels & Demons; not to mention his frequent The Second City, Annoyance Theater and IO Theater appearances. The veteran performer gets serious (sort of) when he joins John Immesoete and discusses his career and the people he started in the business with including Tim Meadows, Chris Farley and Bob Odenkirk.

Episode 113: A Conversation With Howard Tullman

When he’s not creating startups as a serial entrepreneur, he serves on Mayor Emanuel’s ChicagoNEXT and Cultural Advisory Councils. 1871 CEO, Howard Tullman sits down with John Immesoete in a free-wheeling and wide-ranging conversation over the state of education, the future of marketing and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Episode 112: A Conversation With Becky Swanson

She built Firebirds and Camaros on the line at GM before building brands at Leo Burnett. Former ECD Becky Swanson sits down with John Immesoete and discusses her greatest hits from her thirty-year career in advertising including #likeagirl.

Episode 111: A Conversation With Barry Burdiak

John chats with his friend and former colleague, SVP/Group Creative Director at DDB Chicago, Barry Burdiak. They discuss the golden age of beer advertising and how sin makes for good advertising.

Episode 110: A Conversation with Liz Taylor

John talks with FCB Chicago’s newly-minted Chief Creative Officer Liz Taylor on how to hire and mentor talent along with her vision for the creative future of FCB.

Episode 109: A Conversation With Lewis Lazare

John sits down with veteran media critic and observer, Lewis Lazare. It’s a free-wheeling discussion on advertising, journalism and the media. Plus, find out which ad from John’s past Lewis hates the most!

Episode 108: A Conversation With Lewis Williams

John sits down with Lewis Williams, CCO of Burrell Communications as they discuss the state of diversity in advertising plus what it takes to succeed in the business.

Episode 107: A Conversation with Cheryl Berman

Today, John’s conversation with his first boss, Cheryl Berman, former Chairman and CCO of Leo Burnett – on advertising, overcoming adversity and fighting for what you want.

Episode 106: A Conversation with Pat O'Rahilly

He had his own car dealership at the age of 23. Get the secrets to success when ad giant, John Immesoete sits down with former president/CEO of Aspen Marketing, Pat O'Rahilly on the latest Conversations With Giants. 

Episode 105: A Conversation With Real Men of Genius

Meet the men behind one of advertising’s most awarded ad campaigns. Ad giant, John Immesoete chats with Bob Winter, Mark Gross and Sandy Torano on this memorable episode of Conversations With Giants.

Episode 104: A Conversation With Roy Skillicorn

What motivates creative talent? Get the scoop with the latest Conversations With Giants podcast featuring ad giant, John Immesoete and Owner/Executive Produce of Seed Media Arts, Roy Skillicorn.  

Episode 103: A Conversation With John Condon

Is there a difference between running Chicago’s largest creative department and your own agency? Tune in for the newest episode from The Pod Couple featuring ad giant, John Immesoete and former Leo Burnett CCO and founder of the Distillery Project, John Condon.  

Episode 102: A Conversation With Ron Lazzeretti

He's a writer, producer and feature film and commercial director. Find out how the multi-talented Ron Lazzeretti does it on this episode of Conversations With Giants featuring ad giant, John Immesoete. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/6Re8vG

Episode 101: A Conversation With Bob Scarpelli

What makes advertising great? How do you motivate creative people? Find out when ad giant, John Immesoete sits down with his old boss and former Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide, Bob Scarpelli on the first ever Conversations With Giants.